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       Proof of Residence (utility bill not more than 3 months old)

I hereby certify that I am permanently resident at the address shown on the application form and that I am the true owner and principal user of the motorcar to which the application relates. I wish to apply for a Parking Permit in respect of the vehicle specified in this application.

I understand that any Permit remains the property of Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd and that the issue of a permit is conditional on my surrendering it in the event of any of the following:

* I cease to be a resident at the given address.
* The vehicle is adapted or used in such a manner that it ceases to be a vehicle conforming to the requirements of the scheme.
* Upon the release of a duplicate permit
* Should there be any change in address or vehicle ownership.

I undertake to inform Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd immediately if any of the events specified in sub-paragraphs (1)(2)(3) or (4) has occurred.

I declare that all of the information given in and supporting this application is correct and I understand that a false statement may render me liable for exclusion from the scheme and liable for prosecution.

I declare that any vehicle issued with a permit as a result of this application will not be parked in such a manner that it obstructs other residents access and that all relevant drivers will be made aware of this condition.

I have read and understood the conditions and I confirm that the information provided on this form is correct


All information you provide on this application will be used by Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd to whom it is necessary to perform the job, as agents for the Government for administrative purposes only. By signing this application, you are consenting to Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd processing this information for the purpose of administration. Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd may pass on key data to the Government for the purposes of regulation of parking. Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd may also pass on key data to bodies responsible for auditing and administering public funds, for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.

This declaration is confirmed as binding on the Applicant by selecting the option below: