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I/we wish to be included on the waiting list for a monthly rental licence for a parking space at:

Please, make note that eligibility will depend on proximity of car park relative to your place of residence.

1. I/We confirm that my/our permanent and principal residence is as stated above.

2. I/We confirm that we do/do not own nor currently occupy a garage and/or car parking space.

3. I/We commit to provide the following documents in support of my/our application when contacted by the company when a parking space becomes available. I understand that only one car parking space per household is permitted:

a) Proof of Address of the applicant(s) e.g. utility bill dated within the last 3 months.
b) Copy of the Vehicle Registration Document i.e. Logbook, for the vehicle to be parked in the car park in the name of the applicant.
c) Valid MOT certificate if car is over 4 years old.

4. I/We understand that in the event of this application being accepted, and in due course a parking space becomes available and is offered to me/us I/we will be granted only a licence to use the parking space. I/we shall not be entitled to assign or part with the whole or part of any interest following or arising from the said acceptance. To lend or hire out the space to anyone else or in any way receive money or money's worth from anyone else for the use of the space is in NO WAY permitted, subject to our license agreement.


All information you provide on this application will be used by Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd to whom it is necessary to perform the job, as agents for the Government for administrative purposes only. By signing this application, you are consenting to Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd processing this information for the purpose of administration. Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd may pass on key data to the Government for the purposes of regulation of parking. Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd may also pass on key data to bodies responsible for auditing and administering public funds, for the purposes of preventing and detecting fraud.